one dime at a time
12 gauge love affair
black widow stomp
asphalt (in my veins)
the axeman (Of New orleans)
chain gang boogie
we 3 (my echo, my shadow and me

1. Vicetown


Here's the story of Mike McCann

he was a good and righteous family man

who'd heard of but never went to Vicetown

Well he'd heard about the booze and dice

and thought about it once or twice

but the chains of life kept him fastened to the ground

But there's one thing he can't deny like Dr. Jekyll and

Mr. Hyde

Something burning deep inside his brain

In spite of all his stifled rage he almost nearly went

insane but still he didn't make that drive

His job beat him down his wife stole his crown

his children only though he was a bank

So for every window that he didn't smash

or took the chance to steal some cash

something finally lit that tiny flame

But there's one thing he can't deny like Dr. Jekyll and

Mr. Hyde

Something burning deep inside his brain

In spite of all his stifled rage he almost nearly went

insane and decided to make that, to make that drive

down to 



Where blow & reefer's sold by the pound


Where you can can drive 105

and there ain't no law around

Gamblin', drinkin', smokin', it's how we pass the time

and if you want a lady's company it's only a dime

and if you think that dimestore tag is some kind of ruse

they'll tell you why that price is nice 'cause they enjoy it too down in 


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2. One Dime at a Time

In central Ohio by the old corn fields, that where

I was born and raised

I was sittin' on a rock, collecting my thoughts, should

I go or should I stay

There's a great big world and I know there's more

than factories and liquor stores

So I took a chance, after failed romance, and nights

of walkin' the floor

Well I never got a chance to find myself 'cause I signed on the dotted line

with a little bit of help from my Pops and my Dad

I made it out just fine

but believe you and me, with time out to sea

with nothing but time on my hands

I honed my craft, and I had a few laughs 9 months

away from land


But I've been writing my songs and for far too long

I've been in the backing band

between truckstop showers and driving for hours, I've made a few loyal friends

but without risk comes no reward, I'm finally singing

and writing my rhymes

But I've paid my dues, I've got nothing to lose, all my dreams and schemes are coming true, and you know I did it all one dime at a time

Well, Ohio, Illinois, Florida , Mississippi, and VA

They're all states where I hung my hat and I worked

both night and day

But in the city of Austin in the Lone Star state

That's where I learned how to play

I was keepin' the time and walkin' them lines

that tip bucket was my pay


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3. 12 Gauge Love Affair

She sold her belief, faith in the Lord

started getting her answers from the Ouija board

She didn't even show a trace of remorse

put that barrel in his mouth called it "Punk Rock Divorce"


Now the house is falling down, broken windows and rust

Cobwebs, mold, and 7 inches of dust

What's lifted so easy is destined to fall

that 12 gauge love affair painted the wall

What happened next, you don't want to know

In a ramshackle shed on the side of the road

The boarded up windows, that old chipping paint

and sun-faded Venetian blinds covers the stains


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4. Black Widow Stomp

Eyes that kill, the sharpest blue

When she walks in, she owns the room

Likes her whisky, likes it neat

The smell of her perfume brings you to your knees

Beggin' please for a sweet release from that poison sting

Backseam stockings and a cigarette

She lives for today with no regret

Thin black lines up and down her legs

Every night she makes the Devil get down and beg


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5. Asphalt (In my Veins)

When it's time for these bones to roam

and leave Chattanooga town

There's so much goin' on in this world once the sun goes 


And you know that I can't sit right back and watch the world go by

Knowing that I never even tried


Well the white line's in the middle and the bumps are

on the right

Through rain, sleet, snow, and tidal wave we'll make this 

gig tonight

And another city and another town, no need to stop unless we break down

and if we do, we won't be long

'cause the asphalt in my veins would make me go insane

And you'll find us in an old 5 and Dime

Just livin' life to the fullest we can, it's destiny

not a one night stand

all ya gotta do is keep it between the lines

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6. Dustbowl

April 14, 1935

Black blizzard came, took everything, and it left

nothing around

Day's as dark as night, I've got 7 mouths to feed

Dried up my well, it's hot as Hell, and they're gonna

take my deed because


That Dustbowl, that damned Dustbowl

it's taken everything (I wish it'd rain)

Lord, hear the pleas of a deperate man

Just tryin' to make a living anyway that I can

I loved out West hoping to farm my land until

That Dustbowl, that damned Dustbowl

it's taken everything (I wish it'd rain)

Now I know that train rolls by

everyday at 9 and I know those folks inside that 

coach are eatin' mighty fine

And I know I never thought to live a life of crime

but times have gotten tough as nails and I ain't

got a dime because


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7. The Axeman (Of New Orleans)

Axeman (comin' for you)

Axeman (ain't a thing you can do)

Just hope and pray you ain't in his sights tonight

Axeman (is he real?)

I heard that (he made a deal)

With goo old Nick underneath that pale moonlight


Oh well he wrote a letter giving you fair heed

The paper made sure you know about his deeds

is he Angel or is he Devil? Impossible to tell

Well he sold his soul to the Lord below

got his PhD in Hell

Becaue that Axeman (comin' for you)

Axeman (ain't a thing you can do)

Just hope and pray you ain't in his sights tonight

'cause it's 1925 just be thankful you're alive

and the Axeman whistled past your house tonight.

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9. Chain Gang Boogie

Thought you'd rob a bank and could get away

They found the stolen car in the hidden driveway

Readin' you your rights, gonna put you away, 'cause the

witness identified the license plate

First they cuff ya, then they stuff ya

It's the chain gang boogie tonight


Well the chain gang boogie is what the prisoners sing

while the Warden tosses cells in the old West wing

The chain gang boogie's what the prisoners sing

hear the sounds of the picks and the hammers ring

They keep the beat in the heat

It's the chain gang boogie tonight

Gotta swing that hammer, gonna dig that ditch

if a skeeta bites you try not to itch

'cause you'll mess up the rhythm of that old chain gang

and if the ditch is wrong, you're the one to blame

Boss man got ya workin' in the sun, said the game is over, no place to run

Done messed up gotta pay your dues, and that's why

ya got those work farm blues


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10. We 3 (my echo, my shadow, and me)

We three, we're all alone, living in a memory
My echo, my shadow and me
We three we're not a crowd, we're not even company
My echo, my shadow and me

What good is the moonlight, the silvery moonlight
That shines above
I walk with my shadow,
I talk with my echo but where is the one I love

We three, we'll wait for you
Even till eternity
My echo, my shadow and me


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All material except Track 10 by S.T. Frontz Jr.

copyright 2015 Reformatory Music