There's only one company that Skip uses for bass cabinets, and that's Greenboy Audio. After playing through MULTIPLE bass cabinets, he'll attest that it just doesn't get any better. For starters, the enclosures are designed from the ground up around premium Eminence and Faital drivers. Greenboy's cabinets are also engineered to be as lightweight as possible without sacrificing an ounce of performance. In fact, every detail has been so obsessed over by designer, Dave “greenboy” Green, so they could deliver the best sounding speaker cabinet you could own. 


Greenboy Audio is the combined efforts of three companies. BNA Audio (Nashville TN), Barry Audio Design (Sterling MA) and JHawk Customs (Mesa AZ). You see, after collaborating behind the scenes for the better part of a year, they have the Eastern, Central and Western USA covered. They are dedicated to building the absolute finest cabinets available. The custom visual appeal is a side result of their passion,   as well.


                Built by musicians for musicians. This is why they do this.


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Skip with bassist, and builder extraordinaire, Mark "Duke O' Rock" Robertson of BNA Audio (Nashville, TN) recieving his FEARLESS F112.